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College students should be handed credit cards with some limits so that they can have an experience about it and after they pass out they can use that credit score to get a loan if possible. Also we know several things are needed in college life for which students might need one like college papers, stuffs, article and dissertation writing service and much more. Willing to know which card to pick as a student. Watch this video to have things […]

Federal Reserve Mandates More Consumer Friendly Credit Card Rules

Credit card companies have rightfully gotten a bad rap for having very confusing terms and conditions in their card-holder agreements and charging inappropriately high interest rates for just about any reason they choose. Many credit card companies adopted universal default provisions which allowed them to raise your interest rate to whatever they please with just 15 days notice. When these types of notices do come in the mail, they are often written very cryptically and consumers rarely know what changes […]

Credit Card Tips For College Students

Credit scores? Limits?? Interest??? Watch this to learn a few simple tips and some advice for your first credit card.

How to Teach Your College Student the Correct Usage of a Credit Card

Credit card and college students can be a lethal combination. This is no surprise, because many college student’s parents are in their own form of credit-card-Hell. When a child sees their parents whip out the plastic to pay for just about everything, why would they think anything other than that that credit card is some sort of magical form of payment? As a society we have got to learn to control our plastic-addiction, and it is of the utmost importance […]

Navy Federal Credit Union Empowers Members Through Education

The Navy Federal Credit Union has been in existence since 1933 and now claims a membership of roughly three million members. Membership is open to all Navy personnel – whether enlisted or civilian employees – as well as those who work for companies that are in a contractual relationship with the Navy or any of its branches. As a matter of fact, joining is so easy that anyone who is a family member or a household member of a Navy […]

How Your College Credit Card Can Ruin Your Life Forever

Are you falling for these college credit card scams that have lifelong repercussions on your financial future? College students are often preyed on by credit card companies looking to take advantage of their youth and financial inexperience. Check out this shocking data on college credit card debt, and learn how to keep your finances safe. Have you, or one of your friends, ever been impacted by a college credit card scam? Do you think U.S. financial institutions should better serve […]